The Crease Preventers fit comfortably inside the toe box for to protect the shape of sneakers. Each crease preventer includes two adhesive strips on top for easy placement in the toe box, and they are designed to stay in place during movement. 
  •  protect against creasing and wear in the tops of your sneakers, shoes and boots. 
  • fits perfectly and comfortably, inside the toe box so shoes keep their shape. 
  • sit comfortably above your foot and toes
  • Pushes out against the toe box to prevent creases help pop out old creases
  • Protects sneakers from creasing and wearFits inside the shoe
  • includes a left and right
  • Patented design fits prevents creasing and wear in shoes    
  • Soft foam material fits in the toe box of shoes    
  • Adhesive strips keep Crease Preventer in place in shoes